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Welcome to WisdomWalks™ 
A walk in the countryside that will alter your life forever...
WisdomWalkscombine excellent personal development techniques with healthy outdoor activity to create a wonderful environment for you to joyfully explore and grow...

WisdomWalks have been specially designed to provide an access to joyful living by enabling you to go beyond your default survivalist behaviours and create a life full of the experiences that your heart truly desires.

A fundamental aspect of WisdomWalks is the combination of the movement and beautiful natural surroundings which facilitates freer thinking and more expansive creativity.


Each walk starts with a brief set up session and then proceeds out into the countryside. As we walk there is a mixture of group conversation and paired work and each participant also receives one to one coaching.


Further coaching is provided in the form of a 1 hour follow up conference call and access to the WisdomWalkers community.

There are a series of Scheduled Walks designed to address a variety of life issues and these run thoughout the year.
There are also Custom Walks which are specially designed for private individuals, couples or groups.
Based primarily in the south of England there have also been walks in Wales and the Peak District with more locations being planned around the UK and in the summer months we plan to run Vacation Walks in other parts of Europe and the world...
WisdomWalks are created and led by Mark A. N. Broderick a fully accredited, highly intuitive and experienced life skills coach.

The Next Scheduled WisdomWalks


Walks One & Two: 'Free From The Past' & 'Create Your Future'

Dates: January 3rd and 4th 2015
(Alternate Dates: January 10th to 11th)
Time: 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm each day

Workshop One: 'Basic Practices'

Date: 18th January 2015

Time: 2pm to 6pm


Walk Three: 'Joyfully Connecting'

Date: TBC - February 2015

Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Walk Four: 'Joyfully Alive'

Date: TBC - March 2015

Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Walk Five: 'Joyfully Producing'

Date: TBC - April 2015

Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Walk Six: 'Joyfully Expressed'

Date: TBC - May 2015

Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Walk Seven: 'Joyfully Evolving'

Date: TBC - June 2015

Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Walk Eight: 'Joyfully Contributing'

Date: TBC - July 2015

Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Advanced Workshops: 'Living Practices'

Date: TBC - Monthly February to July 2015

Time: 7pm to 10pm


"I was impressed after my first WisdomWalks as I could see how being out in the fresh air with beautiful scenery, coupled with professional coaching support, made it a lot easier for me to develop my ideas.  I was able to understand how my old behaviour patterns could be powerfully altered through creating new practices and by playing them out through a fun, fictional character.  The support calls after each walk and the evening workshops I attended, enabled me to be very effective at installing my new practices into my daily life and made it a lot easier for me to shift those old behaviour patterns.  I am now able to fully experience and enjoy the many new ways of living life that I have created for myself." Maximus, Bristol

"I was surprised and delighted by both the experience and the outcomes I got from the completion and creation WisdomWalks. I have never felt so peaceful, calm and joyful as I did after the completion walk, leaving me a beautiful space to create the future I dream of rather than one that fixes what doesn't work in my life. The combination of powerful facilitation and coaching with being outdoors and moving forwards really worked for me." Alice, Watford

"Doing this kind of thinking, whilst walking, is surprisingly effective in breaking previously set thought patterns, when threatened by enquiry. Mark listens very attentively to what is not being said and then invites further development of an idea, in a most creative and unthreatening way. Certainly a recommendable product in a world saturated to groaning with 'Coaching'. I strongly recommend this methodology to the exceedingly resistant." Leboxski, London

Created & Led by: Mark A. N. Broderick

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